Safety Tips for Children


Children need to learn basic safety rules and guidelines as early in their life as possible, one of the most important lessons we can teach them is how to identify and approach dangerous situations when unattended. When children reach an age of 3 years they become quite impressionable and quite well suited to learning some vital lessons that will stay with them for life.

Domestic Dangers

Home based dangers come in a variety of forms in each room of the house; identifying these dangers and knowing what to teach your child to avoid is very important and can prevent serious accidents. Many appliances around the house become very hot and could cause serious harm to wandering hands so be 100% sure any heat emitting appliances such as toasters, kettles, gas/electric heaters and fires, radiators and anything else that could burn are out of reach or covered up. For fires, radiators and heaters you could purchase a fire guard to prevent little ones getting to close. Young children love to explore and touch curious things when left alone for even a second; ensure then know which areas are off-limits and lay down strict rules about what they are not to touch.

Walking Alone and Meeting Strangers

Children inevitably reach an age where they wish to travel without parental supervision from to or from a nearby friend’s house or local shop. Ensuring they know how to travel safely and know what to do in the case of encountering a strange person is very important. Be sure that you know the route they take to and from their destination; a short distance in plain public view is acceptable but any field or ally way routes are unadvisable. They should travel with friends wherever possible, and the more the better. Travelling in groups is a great way of staying safe for your child. If a strange character was to engage your child in conversation, your child must know not to engage them back. This is something that seems unlikely to happen but you can never be TOO careful; make sure then know how to identify, avoid and report and strange behaviour towards them from unfamiliar people. Any odd people who would look more at home sat in a criminal defence solicitors office should be avoided at all costs, ensure you child is aware of this.

Dangers Outdoors

As children approach their teenage years, there are certainly going to be travelling further out than ever before; taking part in sports and taking their bikes out, your children will have many activities they will want to take part in away from home. Before they head out the door though, be sure to know they have a firm grasp on environmental safety and what to steer clear of. An unattended reservoir may lead to something a little more serious than just an innocent dip on a hot day; the commonly steep and slippery sides can become impossible to climb and getting back out of freezing cold water has become a tragic loss for many parents in the past. Identify any environmental hazards in your local area and make sure your child is sensible and knowledgeable about dangers and how to avoid them.

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