Stress during Pregnancy can Affect a Child’s Health


Stress during Pregnancy can Affect a Child’s Health. Stress, by itself, takes a huge toll on one’s health even if a person is quite healthy. There are many adverse effects that is can bring about. Some of the detrimental effects are high blood pressure, constant head aches and migraines, discrepancy in the hormones, etc. Whilst the healthy human can face so many problems the plight of a stressed out pregnant woman is worse. Stress is quite common in the pregnant women and the complications arise when there is too much of it. It is therefore important for the expectant mothers to be careful with their health and deal with the troubles prudently. The fact that is worth a mention is that the stress can not only upset the health of the mother but of the child too. Some of the common signs of stress in women who are pregnant are excessive fatigue, insomnia, body ache, head ache etc.

How the stress during pregnancy affects the child

  • One of the greatest effects of stress during pregnancy is that the child may develop the risk of asthma later on in its life.
  • There is also a greater risk of premature birth of the baby and low birth weight thereby leading to some other complications in the latter stages.
  • The premature babies are also susceptible to complications like chronic lung disease and disorders related to learning and infant mortality in some cases too.
  • The babies which undergo stress while as a fetus also have the risks of developing different diseases related to heart, diabetes and high blood pressure too.
  • Stress levels when high in a pregnant woman can lead to miscarriage too. So it is important to keep one from stress increasing factors.
  • Autism, a neurological disorder that affects the behavior of the child with inability to communicate is also another effect that stress can bring about.

Ways to overcome stress during pregnancy

  • Try and accept anything that comes you way. Seek the help of your friends and colleagues if you are too stressed out with the work at home or at the workplace. This can help relieve your stress to some extent.
  • Share you worries if you have any with your partner or a counselor. They may help you out with the problems.
  • Walking early in the morning or in the evening is one of the best stress busters that work wonders. The fresh air that you breathe in gives you a rejuvenated feeling and also energizes you.
  • Diet is another important factor that you need to concentrate upon. It is the right diets that can help not only treat stress but prevent it too. Consult your doctor and get all the necessary details regarding your diet and follow it accordingly.
  • Find some relaxation techniques that can help you alleviate the stress. Mild exercising and meditation also works as relaxation technique but you must consult your doctor before you begin exercising.

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